C25K: Week 4 Day 1

How Goes It

If I could rate my motivation from 1 through 10 (with 10 being me scratching at the door like a dog who needs to go outside NOW), I would say today was……… a -5. That’s right, NEGATIVE cinco.

But after much crying, whining and drama in my head, I put on my sunblock and gear and pushed myself out the door.

End result?

OMGOMGOMG sooooo easy. Is this for real??? I mean… Getting my lazy butt up to dress and go was harder than running the 3-5-3. And sure I was sweatier than those models on the Bally’s commercials but you wanna know something? Sweat can look sexy. (It’s even sexier if you have trouble disseminating uhh “scents”)

The first time I did it today was over a hilly area. Both running and walking them send my calves aflame but unbelievably today it was a piece of (low fat) cake to run up them. In fact, I was still lively and full of energy by the time I was done. The second time I did the program today was a little tougher even though it was on flatter ground. Tiring out maybe? Regardless, it was amazing and the huge Costco-sized runner’s high I got from it should make any drug addict reconsider their choice of recreation. (I’m just sayin!)

I also ran into a running team from the local university. UGH. To be young again! I almost ran into a few young men as we ran perpendicular… Oops.

Thoughts While Running


Um… Was that really a 5 minute run? Cos I could have done more. Not that I’m asking for it right now but… Yeah.

(At mile 4) I could really use a pizza right about now.

Running on a treadmill while watching tv (and the clock!) was fun and all, but nothing beats the great outdoors… Even when you almost get bitten by a dog.

Running later in the day means bigger chances of getting run over by tired/grumpy commuters.

Conditions (Tracking purposes for me)

Overcast 71°


One thought on “C25K: Week 4 Day 1

  1. Like you, I almost got bit by a dog the other day on my C25K and seriously thought about signing up for a gym and using their treadmill. But you’re right, nothing beats running outside and seeing nature. Best of luck on finishing the C25K…you’re just about half way there!

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