Exercise Every Day: Day 49 & Day 50

Day 49: 6 mile walk and run (incl C25K Week 3 twice)

Week total: 18.0 miles
Aug. total: 161.7

Day 50: 6 mile walk (14:30/mi)

Week total: 24.0 miles
Aug. total: 167.7 miles

It came to me in the shower today (as many of my major epiphanies!) as to when I will finally consider this goal completed.

60 is the key word/number, as in DAY 60. Two months of working out every day (not to mention 9 pounds lost woohoo!) is killer. If I manage to use the hotel’s fitness facilities this weekend (who the hell works out on their vacation???) AND still workout regularly next week, then I will be confident in considering myself an official daily exerciser.

Wish me luck!!


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