C25K: Week 3, Day 1

How Goes It…

Wow am I on Week 3 already? Yay me!

Did the program twice again, both time with Mr. Ullery.

The first time was murder as usual, nothing new. Darn hills!

Second time was a breeze… Running the 3 minutes is pretty fun when you’re on flat land.

Thoughts While Running…

I am carrying way too much stuff. Water bottle + phone + iPod makes me feel like I’m running away from home. In fact, why not toss my cat in there too for kicks. I can see why the iPhone is soo ideal next to my 25-pound Treo that can’t play music but can go on the Internet pretty well. (I carry my phone because the one time I don’t, some rabid bulldog will rip my leg off and I won’t have my phone to call help) Anyway. Maybe the dreaded fanny pack is in order. GASP Am I so dedicated that I will commit that fashion faux paux? (Just kidding. There are some fine fanny packs. I just need to find them)

And omG the weather was brutal today! 100% humidity and I could literally feel the sun beating down my skin while the sun made a joke out of my sunblock. “SPF 50? Whatevers! MUAHAHAHA

On the upside, my arms look pretty damn sexy when glistening in sweat.

Conditions (tracking purposes for me)

Sunny 75°


One thought on “C25K: Week 3, Day 1

  1. Good to see someone else in the blogosphere participating in the Couch-to-5K. I just finished my third week and have lost almost 10 lbs (my next weigh in is Monday…hopefully I’ll see a few more lbs come off). The C25K is something that has helped me tremendously. Good luck with your pursuit of shedding the weight! 🙂

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