Exercise Every Day: Day 45

6 mile walk, completed (14:50/mi) + 3.45 mile walk with dog, completed (15:00/mi) = 9.45 mile workout for the day

Week total: 42.8 miles
Aug Total: 137.7 miles


2 thoughts on “Exercise Every Day: Day 45

  1. Hello =) I read a few entries in your blog and I think what you’re doing is awesome!! It is great that you are able to make this goals and achieve them without becoming obsessive over them – rather just adapting your life in a relaxed and positive way (or at least that’s the way it seems).

    It’s nice to know that other people have the same goals and are able to post them here for others to see – I’m a fan already haha. Your writing is mildly entertaining too – wait, scratch mild – it’s just entertaining hehe. Have you kept a blog before or are you just a natural?? hehe.. anywhoo. Thanks for posting your thoughts =) Keep up the awesome work (both on screen and getting fit =P)

  2. Thanks so much, that is so nice of you. 🙂

    I would put up more interesting posts except I am actually and finally achieved the point of physical tiredness I’ve strived towards – HURRAH ON FALLING ASLEEP ON MY DINNER! A face full of pasta sauce isn’t all that bad, after all. I’ll let you know if it makes my skin brighter and sparkle-ier (not a word) 😉

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