Eat Healthy: New Plan

I decided to adjust my diet according to RealAge’s suggestions (am I taking them too seriously?). This is way more food than I’m used to, so I’m not sure how this is going to work out. I am, however, sold on flushing my bod with nutrients, so I won’t knock it til I try it.

My new plan:

  1. Balanced Breakfast – I’m typically a peanut butter on toast kinda gal, but I’m making egg with cheese sandwiches (w/slice of tomato) along with a glass of OJ. I feel nauseated eating that much and if this continues than I’ll just go back to pb on toast plus the OJ and maybe some cheese (fiber + protein + calcium + veggie + potassium + Vit C)
  2. Morning Snack – Banana and V8. It actually makes me too full for lunch but maybe it will make me eat less for lunch? (potassium + Vit C)
  3. Cook my lunches – Fish and rice or something similar with protein in it. Or if eating a protein dinner, have a baked potato with some light sour cream (protein + fiber or potassium + fiber + calcium)
  4. Afternoon Snack – Protein shake (protein + calcium)
  5. Dinner – Big salad (or protein dinner if baked potato for lunch) (veggies or protein)

4 thoughts on “Eat Healthy: New Plan

  1. Low carbs isn’t the best option. Especially for the breakfast. It’s all bout the KJ(energy). Carbs are the main source of your energy. You can still eat the same amount of KJ (which is the main source of fat gain) and get the carbs you need. Plus you need more protein.
    This is a similar diet to yours what most athletes try to follow to lose fat:
    Breakfast: Scrambled eggs x 3 with a grilled tomato
    Snack: Roasted peanuts, ½ cup
    Lunch: 200g grilled tuna, and a large Greek salad with 50g feta cheese.
    Snack: 2 scoops of protein supplement with 300ml whole milk
    Dinner: 200g roast chicken, asparagus with cheese sauce.
    Energy: 9, 400 kJ
    Carbohydrate: 60 grams
    Protein: 190 grams
    Fat: 140 grams

    This is what Elite athletes follow not only to lose fat but have energy to gain lean muscle mass:

    Breakfast: 100g natural muesli. Low fat yogurt and skim fat milk.
    Snack: Banana and a low fat muffin.
    Lunch: 50g lean beef and salad wholegrain sandwich and fruit.
    Snack: Peanut butter sandwich.
    Dinner: 150g lean lamb and vegetable stir-fry and 1 cup of noodles. Baked apple with reduced fat ice-cream.
    Energy: 9, 400kJ
    Carbohydrate: 300 grams
    Protein: 125 grams
    Fat: 65 grams

    You’ll notice, same energy, little bit less protein, much more carbs and the same Kilojoules.

    Try it. BTW: My site is:

    Check it out.

  2. Ok cool,
    Basically, it’s about using your instinct and what ever works for you. It also depends how much energy you burn every day. Normally, depending what type of body type you are, you rest metabolic rate is around : 1800 to 3000Kj per day. That much is burned no matter what. There are other stuff that affects the RMR like lean muscle mass, more of that you have, more you’ll burn in a day. And then on top of that there’s the energy burned from exercise. Basically to mantain weight and build muscle mass or just tone up. The input Kj = Output Kj. But if you wanna lose weight basically you need to decrease the daily input by 500 – 1000 kj per day depending on how you feel energy wise. But again this doesn’t mean that you eat less because you exercise less. On the other hand, eat more. More you eat, more your body would stay out of starvation mode. Which is basically a mode where it’s thinks that it’s been too long between food so it basically converts all carbs and unused protein into fat. So I suggest since, figure out what body type you are (Just search it on google). Then eat according to that. The program I showed is just a basic, one I eat a lot more, a lot, lot more but because I burn around 13000 kj in a day. Since you work exercising over time is hard but there are some awesome circuits that you can do that take may be 10 min. are awsm to raise the metabolism. I’ve some on my site.

    good to hear from you.
    Good luck and stay stong

  3. P.S I suggest righting down how much energy you gained and lost in a day. Here’s a great site that tell you on average how much energy you burn for the different exercise. Some things are quite suprising. Ofcourse, it’s a bit basic like walking. I do stair walk with 100kg on the back so the energy burned won’t be the same but it’s a good guideland. If you problem working Kj then convert into calories. 1 calorie = 4.18 JOULES (not Kj but J).

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