Exercise Every Day: Day 44

6 mile run and walk, completed.

Week total: 33.3 miles
Aug total: 128.2 miles

I was motivated to go work out (big improvement) but I was 120% miserable (and then some) when I started this week’s C25K (not an improvement and definitely not good). My mind worked like a rabid squirrel as it seemed like I was doing nothing but running uphill and walking downhill. Doing it the second time around, however, was much better, as the roads stopped being hilly. That’s when I slapped a silly smile on my face as to say “Look at me! I’m running and I’m HAPPY about it! I don’t even mind the sweat rolling down my face! I’m having sooo much fun!”

After reading many fitness blogs I realize that thoughts like “Why am I doing this again??” are quite common and actually normal. So I’m not to worried about it. I’ll just have to become BFFs with my misery is all.


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