Be Healthy: RealAge Recommendations

Thanks to a reality check from RealAge, I need to reevaluate my health goals, since they say I’m living a year older than what I am now. (Ug) (Blue = RealAge recommendations)

Completed/In Progress

  1. Quit Smoking – 2004
  2. Gave up soda – 2005
  3. Became a vegetarian – 4 months
  4. Exercise everyday – today will be Day 43 in a row
  5. Quit coffee – One month +


  1. Know my blood pressure – I’ll have to start making a special monthly trip to CVS to get the skinny on that
  2. Keep allergies under control – My Dr prescribed me Qvar way back when… I need to start taking it daily again (esp with winter around the corner). RealAge also recommends washing my hair after dark to get rid of pollen and dust spores.
  3. Test cholesterol – Geez I’m only 28! But it’s never too late, I guess. I have a physical in a couple of months, so I’ll do it then.
  4. Brush and floss better – 2 min brushing, floss daily. I need to go to the dentist.
  5. Take in more calcium – Osteoporosis, etc.
  6. Eat a more well-balanced diet – Turns out just eating not fattening foods isn’t enough. I’m already watching everything I eat so why not go a bit further with the balancing act?
  7. Strength-building exercises – I guess it’s back to Curves for me… RealAge says I should be doing this at least 90 minutes per week.
  8. Know my heart rate numbers – I used to do this at Curves, so no big deal.

Strangely, the RealAge test never asked me about my water and caffeine intake. I would those items would make at least somewhat of an impact on one’s health.


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