Eating Healthy – A Worthy Effort

Eating healthy has been a natural progress for the last couple of years, but I’m learning about the consequences of it:

1) The US is filled with unhealthy food. I had no idea until I started paying attention to what goes in my mouth from becoming a Veg how our grocery shelves are filled with nothing but “quick” and “hearty” dinners and how much smaller the produce section is in comparison. B*tch, please. You might as well as shoot me up with fat with an IV.

2) Sensitivity to salt. Since quite a bit of food comes salted anyway, I decided some time ago to stop salting my food. Food ended up tasting better and I was less thirsty, but the grilled salmon I had this evening had me waking up at midnight completely and utterly dehydrated. I am now impressed with the amount of salt I used to be able to take in without somewhat adverse effects.

3) It’s a bit inconvenient. I wish there were vending machines that served fruit – the fresh kind, not the kind that’s drowned in syrup. Many restaurants cater to gluttony, not helping your body function like the elite machine it is. (Would you put the cheapest gas in your Ferrari???)

Those are my gripes for today, but of course it doesn’t make eating healthy not worth it. If anything, it just makes me more conscientious of what I eat. And I am worth it!


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