C25K: Week 2, Day 1

How Goes It

I cheated on Robert Ullery today.

Through Pagaille’s answer in the Q&A section in this goal, I learned about DJ Steve Boy, who has alternate podcasts for this C25K and beyond. So out of curiosity I uploaded them into my iPod and um WOW. First of all, his music is much more upbeat and focused much more on energy, so I felt like I was running harder (it could be just that it’s my first day on W2, who knows). In fact, I was already wasted after completing the program but after doing it a second time, I felt like I got kicked in the bootay to the moon and back. Really nice.

Also unlike Ullery, DJ Steve Boy summarizes the program in the beginning and then lets you go, with two distinct sounds to listen for to start running and start walking. In Ullery’s podcasts (as most of you are well aware), he talks through it and babies you to the finish line. And I loooove being babied.

If only someone could combine Ullery’s voice and Boy’s music… That would be one nice podcast.

Thoughts While Running

Taking a deep breath while running past a lawn that’s been freshly fertilized with manure (mooo). Let me tell you how pleasant that was.

My new sneakers are super comfy when running! But kinda hurts when walking. (?)

Conditions (tracking purposes for me)

Sunny 70°


4 thoughts on “C25K: Week 2, Day 1

  1. Hey! I just did a search for Couch to 5K and your blog came up – I like reading other runners’ blogs for inspiration. I’m working my way through the plan as well – good luck to you!

  2. Hi, I just finished my week 1 and will start w2d1 today, so we are close! I am originally from Brazil and moved to Canada 5 years ago, and made a decision this year to lose all extra weight and just be FIT! I lost 40 pounds doing WW and now I hope c25K will help me to lose the other 30 lbs hehehe… anyway, loved your blog, I’ll be checking your progress. Keep the good work!!!

  3. Nice to meet you and thanks for dropping by ivelise!

    This is the second time around for me with the C25K, but i do have to say this time it’s “funner” (not a word).

    Lemme know if you blog about it! Reading how other people are doing is what keeps me going. 🙂

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