Take Better Care of My Skin – Aug 17

I’s been almost two years ago that I committed to taking better care of my skin.

So far:

1) I stopped sleeping in my make up two years ago. No matter how tired I am, I will always use my Ponds cold cream to wipe off all that make up.

2) Quit coffee about one to two months ago. This toned down my rosacea big time.

3) Two months ago I started toning my face twice a day to not only pH balance, but catch the residuals of my make up remover. I’m still shocked at how dirty my face can get even if I stay home all day and didn’t wear make-up.

4) I drink more water. I replaced my coffee habit with jasmine tea, so my agua intake is much more than before.

5) Daily moisturizer. Morning and night on a clean face.

6) Sunscreen. Enough said!

7) Apply eye cream twice a day.

8) Eliminated stress.

9) Adequate sleep. I get at least six hours every night.

10) Weekly pore-refining facials and monthly Biore strips. It’s gotten to the point where the facials I’m doing at home is more effective than going to spas, so I’m pretty jazzed about saving money in the process.

11) Went on BC pills. They weren’t lying when they say that it clears up your skin. A zit these days appears less than Christmases in a year.

After two years my skin’s taken a dramatic turn for the better. I can’t wait to see what it’ll look like next year! With this in mind, I decided to use this as my personal challenge.


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