Exercise Every Day: Day 40

6 mile workout, completed.

Even though it took some effort to pry me off the couch and away from quality time with my honey, I felt the need to workout because of all the champagne I guzzled last night at the game (liquid dinner? lol). Even though it’s my alcoholic beverage of choice due to its low calorie per serving (somewhere about 60-70, I believe), at the end it doesn’t matter when you practically drank the entire bottle by yourself. So, it felt good to work it off today.

I also walked to my iPod, which is different for me when not on a running day. I found myself belting out an Ian Pooley song, but didn’t care – who works out on the weekends anyway? wink

I will be using the following methods to help me with my recent motivational issues:

1) *Buy new workout clothes. Frankly, mine are taking a beating and I need some cute workout clothes… STAT! The Nike FitDry line is a bit costly, but I like the idea of feeling comfortable during my daily trek and it’d be nice to look cute while out. I currently workout in Nike clothes at the moment and I absolutely love them.

2) I’m borrowing my neighbor’s dog! She’s a one year old shepherd-ish dog with tons of energy and her human daddy can’t walk her due to an injury. How perfect is this! I just hope she can last six miles. And who knows, if things work out she’ll be my goddogdaughter.


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