Exercise Every Day: Day 38

Pre-Workout Thoughts

Even though I’m seeing results, I’m worried about the lack of excitement to work out in the past few days. It all dissipates once I put the sunscreen and my gear on, but I want to get excited about it again! During my walk yesterday I thought about if I would be able to carry this on for the next year. It was hard to answer, but when I broke it down to whether or not I can carry it on to next week, I was able to say yes with confidence, but when I asked myself about tomorrow, I was 120% sure I was going to do it.

So the morale of that story, I realized, is don’t look ahead, just worry about what you can do today.

Another issue is, exactly how long am I going to carry this on? When can I actually click the “I’ve done this” button?

Maybe the problem is that I never had a time frame in mind when I started this. It was a combination of a horrified reaction to what I saw in the mirror and an itch to experiment on what would happen if I just worked out everyday. I’m still not sure about this but maybe that’s the key. One of the things that keeps me motivated still is reading people’s experience as they succeed and struggle along with me. So maybe even when I’m on Day 542 I will still yet to click on that “I’ve done this” button. (Although maybe I can still record my progress even after doing so?)

Workout Update

Once again I was NOT excited about working out, but after putting sunscreen, I automatically put on my gear and before I knew it, I was out the door and Day 38 was … done!

Keeping with the MWF schedule, I completed six miles of running the C25k program twice and walking. Towards the end it felt amazing and I was sooo high from the dopamine.



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