C25K: Week 1, Day 3 (AGAIN)

How Goes It…

Week 1 again because with a running schedule of MWF, it felt weird to start Week 2 today. So next week will be Week 2.

Initially, I had my towel but forgot my water. Go inside, get my water … but then forget my towel?? It’s okay though, cos the ocean breezes today were perfect. 🙂

Once again I did the program twice and by the end, the runner’s high had me smiling like a Snow White’s Dopey. In addition, I had some pretty rockin songs on my iPod so picture a dopey, smiling and sweaty girl running/walking while belting out U2 songs… Not entirely graceful, but I’ll be anyone’s comic relief any day.

Last notes: I usually wolf down a banana before I go (I always forget to eat during the day) but today I ate a bowl of pasta right before I left, which kept me energized while I was out. Breathing exercises helped with side stitches. Think I may try this again.

Thoughts While Running

Running next to sprinklers feels verrrry nice.

Squirrel Count

None but I did see some cute kitties. Awww!

Conditions (tracking purposes for me)

Sunny 72°


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