Staying a Vegetarian

Break out the Veuve, for I maintained a vegetarian lifestyle for at least three months! (I can barely remember yesterday, so for me to remember exactly when I became a vegetarian is as much of a haze as Amy Winehouse on a daily basis)

Even though I carried this lifestyle for more than ¼ of a year – it sounds so good when I put it that way – this was an important decision I ping ponged about for about a year. While sparing old Bessy the cow and helping out Mother Earth is good and all, I had to know that I was going veg for ME, and even more importantly, how to go about it! These two aspects, I believe, are keys to implementing vegetarianism as a permanent lifestyle.

Update Aug. 14 ’08: Looking back, I’ve actually stayed a vegetarian for four – not three – months. Woohoo!


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