C25K: Take Two! Week 1 Here We Come

The Skinny (or the “Fat,” really)

Last year I attacked this goal with a sexy skinny bod in a teensy weensy itty bitty bikini as the end result for my super duper wonderful Christmas trip to the Caribbean. End result?

I quit right before I left for my trip (which was super duper wonderful anyway!).

So here I am, attempting it again, since my 6 mile walk/day became such the snoozefest.

Week 1

How Goes It…
Um, yeah like a total breeze! Ego-booster, if you will. Hey, I’ll 60-second-run-90-second-rest you any day. It even cut my entire workout by 6 minutes! I am all about efficiency, and now that I have those extra 6 minutes to count on, I can finally [insert extra cool activity here that has nothing do with chores and preferable doesn’t cost too much dough].

Thoughts while running
Every time I run, I see no one. Every time I stop, there are people around. Maybe they’re thinking that this sweaty girl jogged for 28 miles and now stopping for a rest? (Nothing wrong with hoping)

Squirrel Count
Two and they were chasing each other. How cuteoverload is that. Awww…

Conditions (tracking purposes for me)
Sunny 72%


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